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The Latina/o Studies Program Unveils New Instructor Resources and Initiatives

To learn more about our new resources and initiatives, visit our instructor resource homepage, our Latina/o Studies Teaching Award page, or contact us.

The LSP Proudly Presents Our Spring 2020 Graduating LTNO Minors

Odaly Esmeralda Rivas

I’m most proud of my recent accomplishments, winning a Chancellor’s award for the Multicultural Greek Council and being inducted into the Order of the Golden Fleece. I’m also very proud to have served and been active in my sorority, Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc.

I want to be remembered as someone who tried my best and someone who, with some patience, understanding, and faith in myself, was able to grow and accomplish my goals and discover what I want out of this crazy thing called life.

I decided to minor in LTNO studies because I loved that not only did it help me come to terms with my own experiences, but it allowed me to see how my experiences and the experiences of many others like me could also be considered as educational. I identified with and saw great importance in recognizing the experiences of various kinds of Latinx-identifying people. I see my LTNO minor as being a great support to my career aspirations and major.

Personally, though, I will be able to carry all the empowering knowledge and information I have gained from the LTNO classes to become someone stronger who understands myself and my role in history.

Ashley Orshoski 

I think the accomplishment I am most proud of is finishing college. I worked hard these past four years, and I think I am just proud of all the hard work I put in and that I will be finishing with a degree.

I’m not sure exactly what I want people to remember about me, but maybe that I really cared about others, which is one of the reasons that I chose to major in Psychology specifically. I decided to minor in LTNO studies because in summer 2018 I went to South America on a study abroad trip for 9 weeks. I loved it there. I was able to work in different fields of Psychology, and I specifically shadowed at a place for people with substance use disorder and really enjoyed it. I saw that this training could impact my future career in Psychology, which will hopefully be in social work.

I loved all my classes, and I really learned a lot. The LTNO minor complements my major of Psychology because I might want to work in a different country and have thought about, after my study abroad experiences, moving to South America in the future. I think learning more about LTNO studies and different cultures will really help me.







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