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The UNC Latina/o Studies Program is calling for unit proposals (to be implemented in Spring 2024) from graduate students who will be teaching 105 or 105i this coming Spring 2024 and who have not held a position as an LSP Affiliated Graduate Teaching Fellow in the past year (2023). The LSP will be offering five (5) part-time positions for Spring 2024. DOECL graduate instructors will commit to four (4) hours per week for six (6) weeks to incorporate Latina/o Studies content into their ENGL 105 and 105i courses paid at $20/hr (for a taxable total of $480).

Additionally, we urge instructors to keep in mind their Full-Time Employment (FTE) status throughout the application process, to ensure that there are no conflicts with financial aid guidelines. 

For more information on funding, financial aid, or taxes, the following contacts may be useful: 

  • Financial Aid
    • Phone: 919-962-8396
    • Email:
  • Payroll:
    • Phone: 919-962-0047
    • Email:
  • Taxes:
    • The UNC Payroll Services has information on payroll taxes and forms, such as W-2, W-4, and NC-4. 
    • The University Cashier has detailed information on forms issued by their office, such as form 1098-T.

View the Full Call for Proposals here: LSP Call for Proposals Fall 2023

Click here to see a list of our current and past teaching fellowship recipients and their unit assignments.

Click here to see our resources for developing unit assignments and to view our sample unit assignments for Writing in the Humanities, Writing in the Natural Sciences, Writing in Business, Writing in the Social Sciences, and Writing in Law.

Apply for the Latina/o Studies Teaching Position

  • How do you envision incorporating Latina/o Studies Content into your course? How might you combine your own research interests and expertise with Latina/o Studies to develop your Latina/o Studies unit? What unit would you incorporate Latina/o Studies content in and what genre would you assign for that unit—why? What dates do you intend to begin and end instruction of this unit? What questions do you have about Latina/o Studies What kind of support do you anticipate needing from the LSP?
    Max. file size: 10 MB.

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