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Headshot of Dr. Altha Cravey

Associate Professor
Department of Geography

Altha J. Cravey’s (emerita) work explores globalization livelihoods, and labor geographies from a feminist perspective using ethnography, political economy and collaborative video documentaries. She has expertise in Mexico, Mexican development policies, NAFTA, and Mexican working class experiences in the United States South. She has published in Feminist FormationsEthnography, Economic Geography, Social and Cultural GeographyAntipode, and also published a book, Women and Work in Mexico’s Maquiladoras. Two video projects that examine the Mexican diaspora in North Carolina are “Seed Spirits: The Otomi of Carolina del Norte” (2011) and “The Virgin Appears in La Maldita Vecindad” (2008). A forthcoming documentary video examines the resilience of Ixil Maya after the early 1980s genocidal attacks in highland Guatemala. Her scholarly work has been supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, National Institute of Health, National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences.