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Head Shot of Dailihana Alfonseca

Graduate Research Assistant
English and Comparative Literature

Afro-Caribbean-American writer Dailihana Alfonseca is currently working on her master’s in Health Humanities in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill. Her concentration in Literature, Medicine, and Culture continues to amplify marginalized perspectives through her writing and research on the Im/Migrant experiences within America.  Focusing on the colonial impacts of the past, she writes prose fiction, poetry, and essays that help teach about immigrant experiences with mental illness.

      An avid advocate for accessibility, Dailihana has created the Afro-LatinX Resource Aid for the LSP website. The Afro-LatinX Resource Aid provides an incredible wealth of knowledge that helps to fill in knowledge gaps through the lens of the historically underrepresented.
     Her poetry has previously appeared in The Bangalore Review, The Global Gazette, and her fiction has appeared in Driftwood Press Literary Magazine.
      In 2023 she won a Robert J. Dau Prize and was named an emerging writer to watch by PEN America. Her short story, “Spanish Soap Operas Killed My Mother,” was also nominated for a prestigious Pushcart Prize.