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Emil' Keme Headshot

Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Romance Studies

Emil’ Keme (Aka, Emilio del Valle Escalante) is a K’iche’ Maya scholar, from Iximulew (Guatemala), and an Associate Professor of Spanish. His teaching and research interest focus on contemporary Indigenous literatures and social movements, Central American-American literatures and cultures, and post-colonial and subaltern studies theory. He has been concerned with contemporary Indigenous textual production and how indigenous intellectuals challenge hegemonic traditional constructions of the Indigenous world, history, the nation-state and modernity in order to not only redefine the discursive and political nature of these hegemonic narratives, but also interethnic or intercultural relations. His broader cultural and theoretical interests cluster around areas involving themes of colonialism as these relate to issues of nationhood, national identity, race/ethnicity and gender. He is the author of Maya Nationalisms and Postcolonial Challenges in Guatemala and the forthcoming, Le Maya Q’atzij/Our Maya Word. Poetics of Resistance and Emancipation from Iximulew/Guatemala (1960-2012).

Course: SPAN 398, “Introduction to Indigenous Literatures”