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Head shot of Cody Ward

Graduate Teaching Fellow
Department of English and Comparative Literature

Joshua Cody Ward specializes in Literature of the American South, African American Literature, and Chicanx literature, especially across the 20th century. He is a Digital Content Coordinator for the Latina/o Studies Program, a member of the Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors (2023-2026), and on the planning committee for the 2024 Thomas Wolfe Society Durham, NC conference. He is also the Coordinator for CoLEAGS’s Graduate Lecture Series and a Junior Coordinator for the Critical Speaker Series. His research focuses on the relationship between the novel, the archive, and subject formation, reading novels, and especially coming of age novels or Bildungsromane, for the ways they alert us to an author’s cultural and ontological positionality. In his free time, he enjoys watching horror movies, competing in strength sports, and spending time with his partner and their three cats.