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Associate Professor
Department of English & Comparative Literature. Affiliated with the Department of American Studies and Curriculum in Global Studies

Dr. Halperin is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature and the Program in Latina/o Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, and she is affiliated with the Department of American Studies and the Curriculum in Global Studies. She is also the Academic Director of N.C. Sli (the Scholars’ Latinx Initiative), a mentorship and leadership program that pairs UNC undergraduates with Latinx high school students and that is built on principles of recognition, affirmation, and equity. Currently, Dr. Halperin serves on the executive committee for the Modern Language Association’s Forum on Chicana and Chicano Literature. Her first book, Intersections of Harm: Narratives of Latina Deviance and Defiance, was published by Rutgers University Press as part of the American Literatures Initiative Series. It explores the intersections of psychological, physical, and geopolitical harm in relatively contemporary memoirs and novels by Latinas and argues that the individual experiences of harm need to be understood in relation to collective histories of oppression. Her second book explores Latinx experiences in the U.S. educational system. She regularly teaches a course on targeted Latinx texts as well as English 267: “Growing Up Latina/o,” English 363: “Latina Feminisms,” English 364: “Introduction to Latina/o Studies,” and English 467: “Educating Latinas/os: Preparing SLI Mentors.” She also teaches Latinx and feminist studies graduate courses. For more information about her first book, please visit,5467.aspx. For more information about N.C. Sli, please visit