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Headshot of Susan Harbage Page

Associate Professor
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Harbage Page is a visual artist whose research focuses on social justice issues concerning race, surveillance, and militarized borders. Her work is extremely diverse both in substance, form, and media and can be roughly divided into “The U.S–Mexico Border Project” which includes the “Anti-Archive of Trauma on the U.S.-Mexico Border” with circa 1000 objects (2007-present) and “Textiles: A Metaphorical Tracing” (2012-present). Both bodies of work focus on archives, how they shape our histories, whose narratives get included, and whose get left out. Harbage Page’s research methods are conceptual and experiential, grounded in her early studies of visual art, photography, music, and feminist history and activism. Her most recent performance piece “Erasing the Border” pushes the audience to question its relation to territories, borders, power and exclusion, and the binary logic behind social and gendered boundaries.