Mary Domingo 
by Anna García Romero
February 26 & 27, 2016

Lowest Form of Poetry 
Created by Matthew McClure, 
Lee Weisert and Justin Tornow
March 5 & 6, 2016


Mary Domingo, a new play by Anne García Romero, follows the story Mary Peabody Mann, widow of 19th century American education reformer Horace Mann. In the aftermath of her husband’s death, Mary hopes to carry on his work by translating a book by Domingo Sarmiento, a brilliant and attractive intellectual and admirer of Mann’s ideas. As she gets deeper into her relationship with Domingo, Mary struggles to make herself heard. She espouses the ideals of gender equality, but is she ready to stand up to the men in her life? Crackling with wit, Mary Domingo follows one woman’s struggle to find her own voice. This reading is sponsored by the Teatro Latina/o program in the UNC Program of Latina/o Studies.


The Lowest Form of Poetry is a new collaborative multimedia dance work by choreographer Justin Tornow, saxophonist Matthew McClure, and composer/sound artist Lee Weisert that uses interactive laser sensor technology, live electronics, and live musical improvisation to explore how meaning evolves uniquely in music, movement, and language. The pioneering work of Merce Cunningham and John Cage is taken as both an inspirational and literal starting point in the piece. Recordings of Cunningham’s speech are heard throughout the work, appearing in varying degrees of sequential logic and comprehensibility. The degree to which both physical and linguistic meaning can arise is controlled in real-time by the dancers, according to a complex and meticulous choreography.


“In this collaborative work, digital sensor technology enables us to integrate the various art forms (music, dance, poetry) in a very direct way—events in one medium can trigger events in another medium.” Says Lee Weisert, co-creator of Lowest Form of Poetry. The piece is an exploration of these new possibilities, as well as a reflection on Merce Cunningham’s text, which unfolds gradually throughout the work.”


“Mary Domingo represents the eighth year that the Process Series has featured a work co-sponsored by TeatroLatina/o Series and the Program in Latina/o Studies,” Says Joseph Megel, Artistic Director of the Process Series. “The Lowest Form of Poetry represents the third year that we are featuring new work by UNC’s diverse and talented faculty.  These collaborations and connections deepen and enrich our artists and the community alike, as we explore what is possible in performance, interrogating multiple disciplines, multiple cultures and the diverse reach of the arts.”


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