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The film database is intended as a clearinghouse for films relevant to Latina/o studies and that are contained in the different libraries and institutions at UNC-Chapel Hill. The films bear relevance to any number of fields that interface with Latina/o studies including, but not limited to, anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, sociology, geography, city planning, literature, communications, history, Latin American studies, public health, law, social work, and American studies.

Entries. The films listed are those films by a Latina/o director and/or about Latinos/as in the United States.  Films are categorized in the following manner: feature films, documentaries, short/experimental films, Afro Latina/o films, queer Latina/o films, and films by non Latina/o directors. You will also find a selective bibliography on Latina/o cinema. Summaries and keywords appear below each film, along with duration and where the film was shot.

Locating a film.  The films are housed in different on-campus buildings and collections, all of which are listed below.  In the case of the Media Resource Center (MRC) in the Undergraduate Library, some films may have to be viewed on-site.  However, teaching assistants or professors may consult with MRC staff about screening or previewing the film for classes. Note: the MRC and the Music Library use a call number system, while the films in the ISA Film Library are in alphabetical order.


ISA Film Library (Institute for the Study of the Americas Film Library).  The Institute for the Study of the Americas Film Collection possesses a large collection of films on DVD and VHS.  The ISA is located on the third floor of the Global Education Center.  The ISA Film Library does not use a code, but rather the films are in alphabetical order.

Music Library.  The Music Library is located in the basement of Wilson Hall.

Media Resource Center.  The Media Resource Center is located in the basement of the Undergraduate Library.

Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History. Dr. Joseph Jordan, the Director of the Sonja Haynes Stone Center, has an extensive collection of documentaries, shorts, and feature films. Please contact Dr. Jordan ( about viewing any of the films at the Stone Center.


If you would like to recommend a film, or films, to the database, or have suggestions for the database, please email Dr. María DeGuzmán (, Director of the Latina/o Studies Program.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to Jonathan Risner, researcher and compiler, for his extensive work in making this film database possible.

Click here to access the film database.

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