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Mi Pueblo UNC (Mi Pueblo)

“The main purpose of this organization is to sponsor awareness around Latinx issues, culture, and heritage at UNC and the surrounding community, as well as provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all students. They hope to promote tolerance, multiculturalism, community, and support of one another. Though Latinx based, they welcome any and everyone who would like to be a part of their family, and look forward to helping find a place for every person, skill, and passion at UNC.”

The Carolina Latinx Center (CLC)

“The CLC is committed to developing a greater awareness of Latina/o issues, cultures and identities by building collaborative relationships across campus and the community. Through these relationships, the CLC has created a network that connects various groups on campus involved in academic and cultural projects and programs. The CLC provides a supportive environment for students, faculty, staff and alumni to discuss and understand important issues that affect the Latina/o community. We provide a welcoming space for Latina/o students through resources and services that foster and enrich their academic, social and cultural experience.”

Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity (La Unidad Latina)

“A fraternal service organization aimed at uniting men in brotherhood in order to serve the Latino community. The organization believes in a diverse membership, a commitment to academic excellence and a proactive vision towards raising awareness about the Latino culture and history.”

Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad / Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc.

“A lifetime network of Hermanas dedicated to empowering themselves and their communities” whose mission it is to “empower women by providing a supportive network dedicated to their personal and professional advancement. [The] Hermandad is further advanced by our shared dedication and promotion of public service and cultural awareness, with an emphasis on Latino history, contributions, and experiences.” Like the Facebook page and check out more details there.

The Scholars’ Latinx Initiative (SLI)

“An organization within the Center for Global Initiatives at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that is dedicated to educational excellence and equal access for all students. Through a three-year partnership between an undergraduate student and a Latino/a high school student, the Scholars’ Latino Initiative fosters a personal approach to academic success for Latino/a students.”

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