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Students who wish to minor in Latina/o Studies must take two (2) core courses: one in the Humanities and one in the Social Sciences. In addition, students must take three (3) electives.

If you are a full-time or adjunct faculty member or post-doc at UNC-Chapel Hill and would like to offer courses that would count toward the minor or re-design related courses you are already teaching, please email Dr. María DeGuzmán. You may want to contact the advisory board members and other relevant faculty to see what courses they are offering in the area of Latina/o Studies or that include a crucial Latina/o Studies component

The following courses in the Latina/o Studies Minor are categorized under “Humanities” and “Social Sciences” and then under their respective department. For full course descriptions, please read Latina/o Minor Courses.




DRAMA 486: Latin American Theatre

DRAMA 488: Latina/o Theatre and Performance




ENGL 164: Introduction to Latina/o Studies

ENGL 265: Literature & Race, Literature and Ethnicity: La Vida Loca

ENGL 265: Literature and Race, Literature and Ethnicity: “The Southwest as Contact Zone: Reading ‘Chicana/o’ and ‘Native American’ in Relation”

ENGL 267: Growing Up Latina/o

ENGL/Women’s Studies 363: Latina Feminisms (Feminist Literary Theory)

ENGL 364: Introduction to Latina/o Studies (See ENGL 164)

ENGL 465/465H: Difference, Aesthetics, and Affect

ENGL 467: Educating Latinas/os: Preparing SLI Mentors

ENGL 665: Queer Latina/o Literature, Performance, and Visual Art

English 666: Queer Latina/o Literature and Photography

ENGL 685: “Imagen doblada: Photography in Latina/o Short Fiction of the Americas”

ENGL 861: Seminar in Literary and Cultural Theory: Third World Feminisms (50% Latina/o content)

ENGL 864: Studies in Latina/o Literature, Culture and Criticism: Medicalizing Latinidades

English 864: Latina/o Literature, Culture & Criticisms: Latina Feminisms

ENGL 864: Studies in Latina/o Literature, Culture and Criticism: Latina/o Literary Theory



HIST 241: History of Latinas/os in the United States

HIST 395: Working Class History

LTAM 291-001: The Latino Experience in the United States.

HIST 574: Spain in North America. Upper-division lecture class

HIST 561: The American Colonial Experience [from a multicultural perspective]



Music 147: Introduction to Latin/a/o American Music

Music 258 / INTS 258: Musical Movements: Migration, Exile, and Diaspora



Religion 245: Creolization and Latina/o Religious Transformations



ROML 055H: Writing with an Accent: Latino Literature and Culture

SPAN 389: Los cubanos en la diáspora: literatura y cultura / Outside Cuba

SPAN 398: The Aesthetics of Violence in Latina/o American Fiction of the 21st Century



WMST 211: Introduction to Latina Feminisms: Literature, Theory, and Activism

WMST 233: Introduction to Latina Literature

WMST 281: Gender and Global Change: Militarization and Transnational Latina/o Literature

WMST 465: Gender, (Im)migration, and Labor in Latina/o Literature


Social Sciences


ANTH 130: Anthropology of the Caribbean

AFAM 340: Diaspora Art and Cultural Politics

AFAM 278: Black Caribbeans in the United States

AFAM 293: The African Diaspora in the Americas



Geography 56: Local Places in a Globalizing World

Geography 430: Social Geography: “Global Migrations, Local Impacts: Urbanization and Migration in the United States”

Geography 452: Mobile Geographies (Migration)

Geography 814: Mobile Geographies: The Political Economy of Migration




INTS 390: Latin American Migrant Perspectives: Ethnography and Action 



JOMC 443: Latina/o Media Studies

*Undergraduate Certificate in Latina/o Journalism and Media. Journalism majors may consider applying for the new interdisciplinary program sponsored by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, and the Department of English & Comparative Literature through its Latina/o Studies Program. The Undergraduate Certificate in Latina/o Journalism and Media is open only to journalism majors. For more information, please visit Latijam.

The UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication also sponsors Latino Journalism and Media at Carolina (Latijam) dedicated to promoting and practicing fair and competent reporting about Latina/o life in North Carolina. The project has a four-pillar strategy that addresses needs in four areas: news, research, curriculum, and engagement and public service. Its Web site offers resources that assist students, scholars, and professionals in covering local Latina/o communities in all their vitality, complexity, and potential. Please visit


Any of the courses not taken as cores listed above may be taken as well as:

AFAM 254: Blacks in Latin America


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