Students must take 5 courses or 15 credits for the Latina/o Studies minor (code LTNO). The main stipulation of the minor is that students must take a combination of courses in the humanities (literatures and cultural production) and the social sciences (communities and cultural space), some of which have been designated as core courses and others as electives. Students who feel they need a basic introduction to Latina/o studies should take ENGL 364 Introduction to Latina/o Studies. Because Latina/o Studies is a hybrid discipline, students are encouraged to take courses in different disciplines. The following courses satisfy the minor:

  • One humanities/fine arts course in Latina/o literatures and cultural production chosen from AAAD 284; DRAM 288, 487, 488; ENGL 265, 267, 359, 364, 465, 467 665, 666, 685; HIST 241, 561, 574; MUSC 147; RELI 245; SPAN 389, 398; WMST 211, 233, 465

  • One course in social sciences or Latina/o communities and cultural space chosen from AAAD 278, 290, 340; ANTH 130; GEOG 56 (first-year students only), 423, 452; JOMC 443; ENGL 467; WMST 211, 465

  • Three elective courses chosen from the lists above or from AAAD 260 or DRAM 486.

Courses that count for either humanities or social sciences: ENGL 267, 364, 467, 666; WMST 211, 465. For specific courses toward the Latina/o Studies minor and their descriptions, please see Courses. Please click here to access the Latina/o Studies Minor Advising Sheet.

What if there is a course I want to count towards the minor and it is not listed above or not yet approved? Please contact Dr. María DeGuzmán and provide the following information:

  • Your PID
  • A list of the minor requirements for the Latina/o Studies Minor that you’ve already fulfilled
  • The name and number of the course you want to count toward the minor
    • The minor requirement you want this course to count for
  • If possible, attach the course syllabus.
  • The year and semester in which you took the course
  • The year and semester listed as the “Requirement Term” (RT) for your LTNO minor in your Tar Heel Tracker (see screen capture below—please note that your RT for the minor may not be the same as your RT for general education requirements, other majors, etc.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.44.50 PM


The Latina/o Studies minor encourages and  supports bilingualism (especially fluency in English & Spanish). However, unlike the Hispanic Studies minor, LTNO requires no specific language requirement. All undergraduate students, including non-Spanish speaking students, can fulfill the LTNO minor.  The minor was approved March 2004 in the College of Arts & Sciences and has been in existence since its inauguration September 2004. Though the minor is ‘‘housed’’ in English & Comparative Literature, students are not required to take an English literature course to complete the minor, though many of the courses for the humanities/fine arts requirement are English literature classes.

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